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Turn your own photos into a work of art
Easily create the most beautiful photo collages on
Canvas, Poster, Aluminium or Acrylic
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EasyCollage lets you turn your photos into real works of art you can decorate your walls with.

Choose one of our wonderful designs with which you can easily turn your favourite photos into a unique photo collage.

A great gift to surprise a friend or just for yourself to brighten up your wall!

A beautiful collage in five minutes? No problem! With EasyCollage, all you have to do is pick the design you like best and upload your photos.

You can get started right away online and there's no need to download any application.

Would you like to continue working on your collage later? Just make a free account to easily manage your collages.

You can select any of the various basic designs or opt for one of the several unique and exquisite collage designs which have been created especially for EasyCollage.

We collaborate with various talented designers. Check out our selection of designs and choose your favourite!

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