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photo collage on aluminium

Admire your photos on aluminium

Looking for a beautiful, eye-catching piece with a standout finish? Our photo collage on aluminium is the best choice.

Thanks to the impressive skills of our superb printers, the colours in your photos are brought to life in a beautiful way when you choose an aluminium photo collage. This type of collage comes with a stylish matte finish, so your photos look their best in every light.

Each aluminium collage is provided with a hidden suspension system, so you can hang yours up as soon as you receive it.

laminated aluminium

Laminated aluminium

We pay great attention to optimising your photo collage and always aim for the best results. This process begins with printing your photos on the highest quality photo paper. Your photo collage is then glued onto a 3mm-thick, three-layer aluminium-dibond plate, which guarantees durability and firmness. Finally, a UV-resistant film is applied to protect your collage against discoloration and give it a matte finish.

Please note: we do not print directly on the aluminium (also known as print on brushed aluminium), since the structure of this material is not suitable for the smaller details in a photo collage.

framing your photo collage


When you buy an aluminium photo collage, you can also add a frame to your order. The frame is made from Ayous wood, known for its long life and high quality.

Available with a black polished finish and a white polished finish, the frame is 3cm thick. The price changes according to the size you choose for your photo collage.

Please note: The frame comes glued to your photo collage and your order will arrive as one single piece.

photo collage aluminium sizes

Available sizes

You can order your aluminium photo collage in the following sizes: 30x30, 30x40, 40x40, 40x50, 50x50, 50x70, 60x30, 60x60, 60x80, 90x30, 100x70, 80x80, 120x40 und 120x80 cm, in landscape and portrait orientation.

For a full list of our prices check our prices page and our collage editor. Prices start from £46.95.

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