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Choose the size of your collage down to the cm
Canvas photo collage with floating frame
New photo collage design online
Frame your aluminium and acrylic photo collages
Colourful photo collage with family photos
Poster hanger for your photo collage
New feature: text on your photo collage
New photo collage design: Mosaic Instagram
New photo collage design: Jungle
Family photo collage made by Erin
Five tips for the perfect Valentine's Day collage
New photo collage design: Smile
New website online
Look back on your memories with a year overview photo collage
Bye bye Christmas tree, hello photo collage!
New: Canvas Photo Collage with a Floating Frame
New: photo collage with quotes and inspirational texts
Create a Photo Collage with Your Instagram Photos
New photo collage design by Studio Onszelf
New photo collage sizes on aluminium and acrylic
Valentine's Day offer: 15% discount on your photo collage on acrylic
EasyCollage closed between Christmas and New Year
And another gorgeous new photo collage!
New photo collage design online
New: Collages on aluminium
New: 100cm x 70cm acrylic collages
Easy Collage launches in France and Austria
New collage design style: Panorama
New to Easy Collage: Collage on acrylic
New addition: La Scarlatte
New Easy Collage Designer: AnnaLouis
Brand New EasyCollage Design: Mountains
Free Shipping on all orders
Easy Collage Launches in Germany
Buy One Get One Half Price on Every Photo Collage
New photo collage design: Mosaic
Launch EasyCollage in the UK
Collage design for Instagram
Poster collages now also available at 150 x 100 cm
New basic collage design: large photo as background
New photo effect: Nostalgia
Extra large: collages up to 120 x 80 cm
Collages up to 80 x 60 cm
New option: collage with more than one central photo
New basic collage: Playful grid
New visual effect: Vintage
New background colours