Baby photo collage

Looking for a way to enjoy your children's cutest photos?

Make a beautiful photo collage and let your kid be the star of the show!

Create your own photo collage
Capture an unforgettable series of moments from your little ones' early years

Is your phone filled to the brim with adorable photos of your children? We have the perfect solution for you: transform those memories into an unforgettable photo collage! Get even more creative by making a growth collage spanning the first year(s).

A growth collage combines month-by-month or year-by-year photos, allowing you to see exactly how your children have grown. This creates a priceless keepsake of these special times.

Alternatively, curate a selection of the most endearing, humorous, and touching photos from their early years. Because, let's be honest, they're just too cute to leave in digital obscurity!

How to make a photo collage with baby photos

Begin by choosing the most captivating photos of your children. For a growth collage, select pictures that mark each stage of their lives (newborn, 1 year old, 2 years old, etc). Aim for a consistent look by choosing photos taken from similar angles and distances to ensure a harmonious presentation.

You can also create a special photo series where your children hold a card indicating their ageā€”just remember that this approach requires some preparation. If you don't have specific milestone photos but do have a variety of snapshots showing your children's development, those work wonderfully too! Our collage maker even allows you to manually add each child's age to individual photos, providing an extra layer of personalization. If you need any help, we at EasyCollage are always here to assist you.