Holiday photo collage

Don't let your photos gather digital dust on your phone - turn them into a beautiful photo collage!

Create your own holiday photo collage
All your best holiday photos on display

Going on holiday is all about relaxation, new experiences, and of course, capturing those moments in photographs. Why not bring those treasured memories to life with a photo collage made from your holiday snaps? It's a daily reminder of good times and might even inspire your next getaway.

How to make a holiday photo collage

First off, collect all your top holiday photos. Whether captured on your camera, stored on your phone, snapped by beachside photographers, or shared by travel companions, gather them all in one folder on your computer. Opt for well-lit, sharp images to make your collage pop.

Navigate to the collage maker, select your preferred design, specify the number of photos, and start placing your chosen pictures. Got a colourful array? A simple design could make them stand out even more.

If your photos are more subdued, opt for a design with a bit more complexity to elevate your collage. When you're completely happy, simply click 'Order'.

Extra tips

For added depth, mix in different types of photos in your collage: group photos, landscapes, close-ups of flora and fauna, or the dishes you tried.

Did you holiday with friends or family? Or perhaps you joined a group tour? Don't hesitate to ask for their best snaps to incorporate into your collage.

Holiday photos bring you joy, so why let them languish on your device? Create a mesmerising photo collage today!