Snapchat Photo Collage

Are you always taking selfies with the funny Snapchat filters?
Then round up your best Snaps and use them to create a hilarious collage!
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More and more are sharing their experiences on Snapchat every day. And thanks to all the filters available, even the most mundane moments in life can be transformed into funny memories.

If you use the Snapchat smartphone app a lot and have a lot of Snaps stored on your device, you can also use them to create a one-of-a-kind collage.


How to make your own Snapchat Collage

To begin, choose your best and funniest Snaps. When picking your photos, keep in mind that you want them all to work together well as a whole. So look for photos with similar colours or subjects.

Choose the collage design you like most and select how many photos you want to use. Set how much space you want in between the photos and as the border around your collage. Upload you photos and position them so that they look their best then finally customise the background colour.

Extra tips

Snapchat lets you see other people's Snaps, but only for a few seconds. This means you can't use anyone else's photos in your collage. But with Snapchat Memories, you can save other people's Snaps. When you save a photo using Snapchat Memories, it will automatically be uploaded to the cloud and the photo file on your phone. From there, you can upload the photos directly into our collage maker.

Snaps are often spontaneous, colourful photos. So if you choose a collage design with lots of small, intricate details, your final collage will likely look a bit chaotic. To prevent this while still giving your collage a fun and happy vibe, choose the Basic grid in the collage maker and add a bright background colour.


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