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Looking for a great gift to give to the class or teacher?
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The last few days of the school year are always special. Now that the summer holidays are almost here, it's time to say the inevitable goodbye to classmates, teachers and the head.

A beautiful collage with the whole class is the perfect momento of the school year and makes a wonderful parting gift for both the teacher and children.

How to make your collage

The first step to making this collage is to get all the children to pose in the same way you see at the top of this page. An easy way to do this is to get everyone to hold up a chalk board with what they want to be when they grow up written on the front. Of course, you don't have to use chalk boards, you can also use paper. Make sure all the photos have a similar background so none of them will look out of place in the collage.

The photos don't have to be taken at school - you can get parents to take them at home instead. If you do ask parents to take the photos, it's a good idea to give them a photo as an example or clear instructions to avoid confusion. You could suggest that parents take the photos with their children stood in front of a wall of a certain colour, or even outside with nature as the background. As long as all the photos work together well as a whole, the collage will turn out beautifully.

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Go to our collage maker and choose one of the basic frames. Select the number of photos you want to use, based on the number of photos you've taken or collected.

You can use a spare box to give the collage a title or a theme, such as: "When I grow up ...". Move the photos in your collage around until you find the best combo.

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Extra tips

If you've collected all your photos but can't make them look good together, try editing them. This is an easy way to save your collage if the photos don't match or if one photographer zoomed in too much. You can edit your photos extensively using a programme like Photoshop. But if you only need to use a cropping tool, you can do all your editing in the Paint programme. There are plenty of free online editing tools, such as Photoshop Express and Gimp, that you can use to improve your photos, too.

Would you like to fill a box with text? The best way to do this is to create an image with text and then upload it into the collage. You can do this using one of the programs listed above or with various smartphone apps. Recite.com and Be Happy generator help you create beautiful pictures quickly and easily.

This collage is not only a great gift for the teacher, but also for the children themselves! If you'd like everyone to take home a wonderful momento of the school year, you can get one canvas for the teacher to put up in the classroom and print off several small posters for the children.


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