Heart collage

Looking for a love-filled gift for a friend or family member?
Then get creative and make them a photo collage in the shape of a heart!

If you're up for a challenge and love taking photos, this one is definitely for you. You can choose to make the collage with just photos of you, your friends or your family and providing you get the stances right, you'll end up with a beautiful heart-shaped photo collage.

Create a heart collage

How to make a heart collage

A heart collage is more unique than the average collage and therefore requires a little more work. By posing with your arms in special positions, you can create a heart shape in the centre of the collage. In the photo example, you can see which poses you need to take in order to achieve the heart shape.

Of course, these poses aren't the only way you can accomplish the heart look - there are plenty of other ways you can pose in the shape of a heart. Before you start taking photos, make sure you work out exactly how you need to pose in order to successfully pull off the heart shape.

Heart collage View heart collage

After you've taken all the photos you need, log onto the Easy Collage website, click on the collage maker and select the basic grid. For the best results, follow the photo example and choose a square collage with four rows and four columns.

Then place the photos into the right boxes so you get a heart shape. Don't forget to add extra images in the bottom two corners and the centre four boxes which aren't part of the overall heart shape, like in the photo example.

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Extra tips

For this collage, you'll need photos of people - either yourself, your family, friends or a mixture of all three. For optimal results, use the same background for each individual photo and take all the photos sequentially at the same time of day to ensure identical lighting. Alternatively, you can use a different background colour for each photo and create a rainbow collage.

It can be tricky to hold your arms in the perfect positions to achieve the heart look. Fortunately, there are plenty of free handy editing tools online which allow you to rotate and flip photos to help you get the heart shape you're looking for.