Instagram photo collage

Do you share your best photos and special moments on Instagram?

Turn your favourite Instagram photos into a real life collage!
Instagram Photo Collage

From holidays and birthdays to delicious dinners and beautiful sunsets - millions of people all over the world share their best moments on Instagram every day.

If you're an active Instagrammer and have a collection of stunning photos, why not turn them into a real life collage which you can have printed on canvas, poster or acrylic to hang on your wall at home?

How to make an Instagram photo collage

First select the Instagram photos you'd like to use. You can choose your photos according to a central theme or just pick your favourites which mean the most to you. Thanks to its beautiful filters, adding Instragram photos to a collage is an easy way to add instant style.

The smallest collage size available is 30cm x 30cm. But you can create Instagram collages as large as 100cm x 100cm, which you can fill with up to 144 of your favourite Instagram images.

Instagram Photo Collage

In the collage maker, select the Instagram Basic design and choose how many photos you want to include. Then set how much space you want in between each photo and the width of the blank space in between the photos and the edge of the collage.

From there, you can add your photos to the design and swap them about so each image is in the right place. You also have the option to adjust the background colour of the collage. Then simply click "Save" to save your collage for later or "Order" to have your collage printed and delivered to your door.

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Extra tips

Unfortunately, Instagram photos aren't easy to download - you'll need to save each Instagram photo onto your phone and then email them to yourself or transfer them to the computer which you'll use to design the collage. To save the Instagram photos to your phone, open up the Instagram app on your phone, visit the settings page and make sure the "Save Original Photos" option is selected. When selected, every time you post a photo to Instagram, it will automatically be saved to an Instagram folder in your phone's photo album.


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