Life overview photo collage

Searching for the perfect, personalized gift and happen to have a rich archive of photos from a loved one's past and present?

Create a stunning visual journey through someone's life with a photo collage

Create your own photo collage
The most personal gift: a photo collage featuring the best photos from then to now

Looking for a unique and personal gift? If you have enough photos of a family member or friend, you can make a beautiful overview of their life. You can make a chronological collage showcasing their life journey, or you can mix and match your favorite photos.

Of course, this photo collage doesn't just have to be for other people - you can also make one of your own life with pictures from your own past.

How to make a life overview photo collage

To make this photo collage, you'll primarily need a multitude of photos from various stages in the person's life. Dig into your own archives, social media or ask friends and family for their favourite photos. Once you've gathered enough photos, head over to our collage maker to select an appropriate design. For a well-organized overview, a basic grid layout works best. You can adjust the design and choose the number of photos you'd like to include. If you don't want to arrange the photos chronologically, you can also opt for one of our other creative designs.

If you're including old photos in your collage, you'll likely need to scan them. Make sure to use a good-quality scanner and set the resolution as high as possible. Always opt for JPG format when scanning. Not sure if your photos are of adequate quality? Don't worry, our collage maker automatically checks the resolution for you.