Rainbow Collage

Do you want to create a unique collage with a special creative touch?
An eye-catching rainbow collage might just be what you're looking for.

Rainbows are beautiful bursts of colour that everyone loves, so why not use them as inspiration for your next collage?

Get together your most colourful photos (or take some new ones if you don't have any suitable) and use them to make your very own rainbow collage.

Rainbow collage View example

How to make a rainbow collage

For a rainbow collage, the most important thing is to get photos in a wide range of colours. A typical rainbow is made up of six or seven colours - usually red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and sometimes pink. You can choose to select your photos randomly according to which colours work best or pick your photos according to an overall theme. For example, you could make a rainbow collage using only flower photos, landscape photos or even holiday photos.

If you're struggling to get enough photos in all the different colours, try diving into the depths of your computer archive or try flicking through old photo albums in search of the missing colours. If you still can't come up with enough photos, take some time off and spend a few hours playing photographer, trying to capture every colour of the rainbow with your camera or have a quick look on the Internet to get some colourful photos.

Rainbow collage View example

For the best rainbow collage, we recommend choosing one of our basic collage designs. Then select the number of photos you want to use - make sure you take note of the number of tiles you need for each colour.

Place each set of coloured photos into one row before moving onto the next one - i.e. all your red photos will go in the first row, all your orange photos will go in the second row, etc. If you opt for a large collage, you might even want to spread each colour over two rows instead of one. Have fun with it and move your photos into different positions until your collage looks perfect.

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Extra tips

If you like the idea of a rainbow collage but think the bright colours might be a bit too much for your home, there are plenty of other options out there. Instead of choosing photos with strong reds, oranges, yellows, etc, you can go for more subtle colours, such as shades of black and white. This way, you'll still get the overall effect that you'd get with a rainbow collage, but it will fit in perfectly with your home décor.

If you're in the process of making your rainbow collage and simply can't get the colours to look right - try editing your photos. You can do this easily in Photoshop or any one of the photo editing programmes available to download for free online, such as the Photoshop Express app or GIMP. With these programmes, you can alter the colours of your photos until they're the exact shade you're looking for.


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