Wedding photo collage

Looking for a lasting memory of your wedding?

Then create a unique collage of your most beautiful wedding photos

Create your own photo collage
Capture your wedding day in a personalised photo collage

A wedding day is one of those rare, personal and special events that's captured from every angle. Whether you had a professional photographer or relied on your friends and family to capture the moments, you're sure to have a collection of beautiful memories.

Whether you're the bride, the groom, or a guest who wants to gift something truly special, why not take these sentimental snapshots and turn them into a personalized photo collage?

How to make a wedding photo collage

Start by picking your favourite snapshots from the wedding, whether you're the bride, groom, or a guest. Your selection can include a variety of moments, from candid shots and group pictures to close-ups of special details like the wedding rings or decorations.

Once you've gathered your photos, head over to our collage maker to choose a design that matches your aesthetic. For a simple, uncluttered look that lets the photos shine, go for a basic photo collage design. If you'd like to add a touch of romance or artistic flair, we have a range of specialized designs to explore like our vintage collage design collection or our modern collage design collection - they work perfectly for wedding photo collages.

After finalizing the layout and look of your collage, place your order. This personalized collage serves as a unique and lasting keepsake that allows anyone involved in that momentous day to relive the joy and love every time they see it.

It's a meaningful way to keep those special memories alive, whether you're keeping the collage for yourself or giving it as a heartfelt gift.