Wedding photo collage

Looking for a special way to remember the best day of your life?
Create a unique collage with your favourite wedding photos!

After your wedding, you'll have loads of wonderful photos taken by the photographer and your guests.

Instead of leaving these beautiful memories to gather dust in a photo album that never gets opened at or a single photo in a frame that gets overlooked, why not use them to create a magical collage of your special day?

Wedding photo collage detail Wedding photo collage

How to make a wedding photo collage

Select your favourite wedding photos - it's a good idea to have an assortment of general and detailed photos. Try combining group shots of friends with family photos and make sure you throw in pictures of the wedding rings and bride's bouquet, too. Having a wide selection of photos brings a great variety to your collage and ensures you'll remember even the smallest details of your big day.

Wedding photo collage Pimpelmees Wedding photo collage

Then choose one of the collage designs from our collage maker. If you want the pictures to be the focal point of the collage with no other distractions, then it's best to go for a basic collage design, which allows you to pick the layout from the start.

If you want your wedding photos enhanced by more romantic details, check out our other designs. We recommend our vintage collage design collection - it works perfectly for wedding photo collages.

Extra tips

You can make your collage with the photos taken just by your wedding photographer or get all your guests involved and use the photos everyone took. Your guests can email you their photos or an even easier option is to get everyone to upload their photos to an app like WedPics. With this app, you can access all your photos as soon as your guests have uploaded them, pick your favourites and use them to create your collage.


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