Choose the size of your collage down to the cm

From now on, choose the size of your photo collage, down to the cm!

In addition to the many standard sizes in landscape, portrait and square options, you can now also choose your own individual size to the cm from 20 x 20 cm up to 140 x 80 cm.

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New feature: text on your photo collage

Yes, our new feature is finally here! You can now add text onto your photo collage. With this option, you can place a text box on each photo and write whatever you like.

How about putting the name of the person in the photo or the place each shot was taken? Other options include a simple description of your photo collage's theme, a funny quote or a message for the person you're giving the collage to.

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New photo collage design: Mosaic Instagram

We've got a fresh, new photo collage design available for you from this week! Called Mosaic Instagram, the new design is part of the basic collection which you can use as a layout for your photo collage.

Not only for showing off all your best Instagram posts, the new design is a great way to display any photos, whether they're on your computer or phone. Simply upload your photos and move them around in the different sized square boxes until you get the look you're after.

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New photo collage design: Jungle

Would you like to add a fun tropical touch to your home?

Then check out our new photo collage design 'Jungle'!

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