New basic collage: Playful grid

January 27th, 2011

Besides collage designs with special imagery, we also offer basic collage layouts that let you customise your collage to your liking.

We have now added a new design to the basic collection: the playful grid. This design lets you make a collage that makes your pictures look like old-fashioned photos (with a border) that have been pasted together.

Our collection of basic designs already offered a regular grid layout (an overview of all your photos arranged in rows and columns) and a grid with one larger photo in the centre. What's new is that now you can use one of the same layouts and give it a playful touch: with white borders and tilted just a little bit, just like those old photos from the good old days.

Tip: use the playful grid design with the 'Vintage' visual effect for a collage that looks like it's really made of old photos. It's pretty and stylish!

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